Taipei International Food Show 2024 with Trendy Mochi Texture


Taipei International Food Show 2024 with Trendy Mochi Texture

We will at Taipei International Food Show 2024 in collaboration with Rheon Automatic Machinery (德恩食品機械) and Chungpu Baking Machinery (中部電機) to bring you innovative bakery solutions, perfect for large-scale production.

We will be baking and assembling showreel of our latest pastry creations:

Croissant Egg Tart
With Chewco's special mix and premium ingredients, we’ve achieved the perfect crispy, flaky puff pastry. Utilizing Rheon’s advanced machines and the Revent Round Shop rotary oven, we ensure maximum efficiency and perfect baking. Picture layers of crispy pastry with a rich, creamy filling – simply irresistible!
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Puff Pastry Mix

Egg Yolk Danish
Our unique recipe ensures lasting crispiness. With the Rheon KN-500 encrusting machine, we efficiently produce these delicious Danish pastries. Imagine a crispy shell filled with fragrant bean paste and a golden salted egg yolk. One bite, and you’ll be addicted!
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Puff Pastry Mix

Ice Cream Milk Pan
Rheon's KN-511 machine stuffing technology combined with Chewco’s Japanese Brioche Mix creates a soft, thin bread that maintains its taste even when refrigerated. Filled with a mix of ice cream and red bean paste, these buns offer a refreshing sweet experience, perfect for summertime.
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Visit us at the exhibition!
We warmly invite you to visit our booth at Taipei FoodTech and experience our innovative solutions firsthand.

📍  Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, 4th Floor
📅 Date: June 26 (Wednesday) - June 29 (Saturday), 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
🔹 Booth Number: M0420
🔸 Registration:
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Please note: June 26-28 are professional visiting days. The general public is welcome on June 29 with ticket purchase.