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TEXTURE MAKER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a food powder supplier from Taiwan. Their food powder is sold in many countries including Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Hawaii.

Texture Maker is a food powder supplier with more than 13 years' experience in food industry. Their product selection includes Boba, waffle, rice waffle, gluten-free waffle, drinking powder, Korean bread, Cake, non-dairy creamer, wheat protein, bubble tea, sweet potato powder, waffle maker.

Texture Maker has been offering customers high quality production services. With both advanced technology and 13 years of food powder experience, Texture Maker always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten is the natural protein found in wheat. It has unique viscoelastic properties to enhance the texture of food and its nutritional values.

" However, not all vital wheat gluten is the same."

Texture Maker has a complete supplier chain for vital wheat gluten. We are able to meet our customers’ specific needs by testing our products through a very complicated process during product development phase. Since the quality of vital wheat gluten will be affected by ways of process and different species of wheats, our product development team will continuously test various species of wheats from around the world to understand its differences and applicability in order to give our customers the best solution. For example, according to our research, using less volume of active wheat gluten in certain kinds of products can reach the same quality as general vital wheat gluten. We not only insist on the quality of vital wheat gluten, in terms of choosing manufacturer, we are more aware of the management of water source, since the water source is deemed to be the index of high quality vital wheat gluten.Other than that, our researchers will use different control methods under the strictest quality system to ensure the quality of vital wheat gluten from around the world to make sure the stability of the product for our customers.

Product Item / Features

  • Application in bread: vital wheat gluten can enhance the dough elasticity and its stickiness, stretch and stability and it can keep the gas which generated from the fermentation and also control the inflation to keep the same size of the bread. Good for shape maintenance, improve the quality of the bread, postpone the time of aging, and increase the nutritional content of bread without adding other chemical modifiers.
  • Application in noodle: vital wheat gluten can increase the toughness of the noodle and keep the noodle firmer.
  • Application in meat: vital wheat gluten is the best adhesive and filling agent in meat product. It can replace a portion of lean meat especially when it is added in fish, sausage and canned meat. It can also increase the flexibility and detail, simultaneously lower the animal fat and the content of cholesterol and extend the shelf life.
  • Application in Chinese steamed bread: vital wheat gluten can enhance the quality of gluten, apparently increase the water absorption of dough and to make the end product with better water retention, mouthfeel, stable shape and longer shelf life.
  • Application in vegetarian meat: it provides similar structure of muscle fibers and it can also adjust the flavor of food and increase its nutritional content for various kinds of vegetables, vegetarian drumstick, vegetarian sausage and etc. It is low fat, no cholesterol and a nutritional supplement ingredient.
  • Application in feed: vital wheat gluten can be used as the base of fodder for shrimp, eel, crab, fish and etc. The composition of its multiple amino acid increases the nutritional value of fodder. The stickiness of vital wheat gluten enhances the stability of fodder in water and reduce the contamination for water with its good covering power.
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