Starch Acetate


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Starch Acetate

Starch Acetate
Starch Acetate

To prepare esterified starch, adding Acetic anhydride or VAM to starch under alkalic environment (NaOH, Na2CO3 )is needed. Esterified starch has relatively higher stability for acid, alkali and heat which would be more difficult for molecules to form ester bonds. The features of esterification are easier gelatinization, transparency, flowability and less deposit.

Product Item / Features

  • Increase moisture content to slow the aging of products.
  • Low gelatinization temperature- Easier to swell, create viscosity after heating up
  • Starch paste- High clarity with better elasticity

Product Application

  • Noodles-(1)Less cooking time with better chewy mouthfeel (2)Instant noodles, raw noodles
  • Rice foods- (1)Improve extensibility and keep finished products from cracking (2) Sweet rice-flour dumplings and rice cakes
  • Various dressings/sauces- (1) Enhance the consistency of thickened dressings or sauces (2) Jams, oyster sauces