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Texture Maker Service Introduction

TEXTURE MAKER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a food powder supplier from Taiwan. Their food powder is sold in many countries including Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Hawaii.

Texture Maker is a food powder supplier with more than 13 years' experience in food industry. Their product selection includes Boba, waffle, rice waffle, gluten-free waffle, drinking powder, Korean bread, Cake, non-dairy creamer, wheat protein, bubble tea, sweet potato powder, waffle maker.

Texture Maker has been offering customers high quality production services. With both advanced technology and 13 years of food powder experience, Texture Maker always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Special Ingredients Series

  • Taiwan No. 57 Roasted Yam Powder
    Taiwan No. 57 Roasted Yam Powder

    After dehydration, we roast sweet potatoes to bring out the distinctive aromas. Unique fine texture with strong taste. Safety passed from 378 pesticide residues inspections by certified institution.

  • Purple Yam Powder
    Purple Yam Powder

    After drying, smashing and roasting procedures, we soften the texture of purple sweet potato. On top of that, purple sweet potato has a large amount of anthocyanin and can be widely used in various product applications.

  • Tempered Black Sugar Powder
    Tempered Black Sugar Powder

    100% sugarcane materials mixed with cane sugar, molasses and stirred under the temperature of 300℃ to finally become the one and the only black sugar powder.

  • Dressing Sauce Powder
    Dressing Sauce Powder

    With TOP INNO dressing sauce powder , you don’t have to worry about storage and handling problems since we have improved our formula to meet up with customers’ needs. Super easy to prepare- Just mix with water and fructose syrup and Serve!

  • Durian Filling
    Durian Filling

    Selected the top choice of durian - Mao Shan Wang (Musang King) as ingredient, make the filling rich in heavy durian aroma, can taste the sweet but not too much. This filling is thick, easy to fill, suitable for the production of various, Such as: bread, pastry, cake fillings, etc.

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