Hydroxypropyl Starch


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Hydroxypropyl Starch

Hydroxypropyl Starch
Hydroxypropyl Starch

To produce non-ionic type etherized modified starch, etherification of starch with Propylene oxide(C3H6O) in alkalic environment (NaOH) is needed. Etherized modified starch will substitute the ether bond and thus raise the stability of the starch. The hydrophilic characteristic of hydroxypropyl can lower the strength of hydrogen bonds inside the starch granules. This will help to reach a status which is gelatinization, transparency, flowability, a lot more easier for swelling, less deposit and higher stability.

Product Item / Features

  • Increase moisture content to keep the texture tender and dedicate
  • Improve freeze and chill stability
  • Low gelatinization temperature- Easier to swell , create viscosity after heating up
  • Pasting starch- High clarity and better elasticity

Product Application

  • Baking foods-(1) improve dough elasticity and create soft texture (2) Breads, cakes and so on
  • Frozen foods-(1) Enhance cold preservation (2) Mochi desserts and frozen dough
  • Noodles-(1) Less cooking time with better chewy mouthfeel (2) Dumplings and steamed breads