Texture Maker Launches Chewco Brand in Taiwan, Unveiling Stellar Taste Creations


Texture Maker Launches Chewco Brand in Taiwan, Unveiling Stellar Taste Creations

Texture Maker expands its support and services with the introduction of Chewco, a new brand of bakery products. Committed to revolutionizing the food industry with innovative chewy delights, Chewco offers a wide array of taste options and an unparalleled texture experience. Going beyond creating flavorful bakery treats, Chewco caters to diverse consumer needs by offering a variety of choices, including vegan and gluten-free options.

At the Taipei International Food Show from 6/14-6/17, Texture Maker will unveil new bakery products designed specifically for Rheon's innovative food machinery. This collaboration offers comprehensive solutions for creating higher-quality and innovative products. The exhibition promises a rare experience for visitors, featuring an impressive display of food machinery alongside skilled bakers demonstrating how to use the new equipment to craft bread with rich flavors and unique shapes. Guests will have the opportunity to witness the allure of these advanced technologies up close, savor freshly baked bread, and indulge in a feast of new flavors.

▶ Choco-Berry Mochi Trio ◀

Experience a delightful combination of textures in the Choco-Berry Mochi Trio. The chocolate cake embraces a soft mochi layer with a sweet and tangy strawberry heart. Each bite offers a tantalizing burst of flavors.

This exquisite baked delicacy is crafted using carefully selected ingredients, including the Texture Maker CHW-102 Dessert Bite Mix and Premium High-Fat Cocoa Powder. The precision and versatility of the new Rheon KN135 ensure that every baked creation is meticulously filled, resulting in stunning visual effects and intricate shapes.


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▶ Pork Floss Taro Bread ◀

The soft and supple taro bread dough perfectly wraps the savory and velvety pork floss. This innovative bakery creation is the result of the collaboration between Texture Maker's CHW-102 Dessert Bite Mix and Rheon's KN500 encrusting machine, making for a truly creative treat.

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▶ Cheese Mochi Bite ◀

Indulge in a tantalizing blend of savory cheese, tender dough, and chewy mochi, creating a delightful contrast of crispy crust and soft heart. Baked to perfection, this treat promises to delight your taste buds with its harmonious combination of savory notes and sweet undertones.

The partnership between Texture Maker's CHW-102 Dessert Bite Mix and Rheon's AN551 encrusting machine allows endless possibilities for baking creativity. With its distinct flavor profile and intricate shape, this baked treat will elevate your brand's presence in the market, ensuring it stands out from the competition.


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Texture Maker joins forces with Rheon, leveraging their extensive expertise and professional knowledge in the food machinery field to deliver competitive solutions to customers. During the exhibition, dedicated team members will be available to provide in-depth explanations. A special gift also awaits you at the booth! We warmly invite everyone to join us, chat, and explore the possibilities together.

​2023 Food Taipei Exhibition


​Venue: Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Hall

​Exhibition date: 06/14 (Wed) to 06/17 (Sat)

​Exhibition time: 10:00 to 18:00

​Booth No.: 0705, Area N, 4th Floor