TOP TREE - Natural grain ingredients


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TOP TREE - مكونات الحبوب الطبيعية | صناعة المواد الغذائية ومختلف منتجات البودرة لأكثر من 16 عامًا |TEXTURE MAKER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

تصميم ملمس جديد ، مخترع TOP TREE - مكونات الحبوب الطبيعية! Texture Maker هو مورد مسحوق طعام يتمتع بخبرة تزيد عن 16 عامًا في صناعة المواد الغذائية. يُباع مسحوق طعامهم في العديد من البلدان بما في ذلك تايوان والصين واليابان وماليزيا وإندونيسيا والولايات المتحدة وهاواي. يشمل اختيار المنتج بوبا ، وافل ، وافل أرز ، وافل خالٍ من الغلوتين ، مسحوق شرب ، خبز كوري ، كيك ، مقشدة غير الألبان ، مكونات حبوب طبيعية ، شاي فقاعات ، مسحوق بطاطا حلوة ، صانعة وافل.

حاصلة على شهادة ISO 22000 و HACCP ، متخصصة في الخلطات الجاهزة للمخابز ومكونات منتجات البودرة والتصميم المبتكر لإحساس الفم. استيراد المكونات الغذائية والنشا المعدل ، مع أكثر من 110 من أعضاء الفريق ،Texture Maker Enterprise Co., Ltd. هو مركز بحث وتطوير للمكونات الغذائية وأيضًا شركة تصنيع بريمكس.

تقدم Texture Maker للعملاء خدمات إنتاج مسحوق عالية الجودة ، مع كل من التكنولوجيا المتقدمة و 16 عامًا من الخبرة في مسحوق الطعام ، يضمن Texture Maker تلبية طلبات كل عميل.

TOP TREE - Natural grain ingredients


The product series of TOP TREE contain top quality natural grain ingredients and natural functional materials. The quality of our products meets the rigorous food safety standards. We only choose the best natural ingredients due to the fact that we insist on pure nature source and maintaining product consistency for our customers. We will keep learning from world-class food grains suppliers to make sure that we do meet up with the international food safety regulations. We can not only satisfy domestic demand but also provide products with the required documents for overseas customers. Apart from this, we provide customized products under those regulations of ISO22000 and HACCP.

Product Item / Features

  • Chia seed
  • Wheat Germ
  • Multigrain Powder
  • Buckwheat
  • Rice Flour
  • Chia - Chia

    Salvia hispanica, which originated from Mexico and Central America, has the flowers of purple and white. Its seeds(also called Chia/Chia seeds) have two colors- black and white. Both contain a large amount of fiber and rich nutrients. Chia seeds were a staple food for the ancient Aztecs and even traded as a form of currency. Apart from this, they were offered to the gods as worship during religious ceremonies and could be used to ease the symptoms of a cold, sore throat, body odor, constipation and so on. However, when Spanish landed in Mexico, they deliberately eliminated Chia seeds and few years ago, Dr. Wayne Coates found Chia and brought it back to the public. Our bodies are able to digest and absorb Chia easily. Chia can be combined with our daily foods like beverages, yogurts and salads without changing their flavors. Since Chia improves energy and metabolism, you can just take a handful of Chia seeds with you when going out for jogging. Whenever you feel hungry or lacking energy, you can just swallow them down water. On top of that, Chia can be mixed with oatmeal, pudding or peanut butter. Some people are of the opinion that Chia can elevate the taste of the foods and thus, they will add some Chia seeds in sandwiches or salads. Both whole and ground Chia seeds have the same nutrients and health benefits.

  • جرثومة القمح - جرثومة القمح
    جرثومة القمح

    Although Wheat Germ is tiny in size, it plays an important role in the sprouting of wheat for its high nutrient-rich features. However, during wheat processing, wheat germ is often left out for producing white flour, which is really a waste. Besides, the polyunsaturated fatty acid in wheat germ might release “rancid smell” if it was not stored in a proper environment. With the rapid development of technology, we found that wheat germ contains vital nutrients like Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Phosphorous, Thiamin and Zinc. Apart from this, it contains the essential nutrients for professional athletes and the high proteins which can boost muscle repair. Some people regard wheat germ as a ingredient which can improve cardiovascular function and endurance. It can be added in waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, sour milk, juice and so on. What’s more, you can also enjoy raw wheat germ.

  • الحنطة السوداء - الحنطة السوداء
    الحنطة السوداء

    Buckwheat is related to Polygonaceae and native to the western region of China. It falls into two species- Common Buckwheat and Tatary Buckwheat. Common buckwheat is mainly cultivated in Europe and Asia while Tatary Buckwheat is usually cultivated in Siberia, Northeast China, Southern China, Mongolia and neighboring countries.

  • Multigrain Powder - Multigrain Powder
    Multigrain Powder

    ▲ Various ingredients. ▲ Natural ingredients with no additives. ▲ Low temperature baking, nutrition stays within. ▲ Natural toasted grain flavor. ▲ Fit for beverages, baking and flour products.